After Builders Cleaning Barnes

after-builders-cleaningWhen your house undergoes some work, be it remodeling or refurbishing and whether it is purely decorative or a major structural modification, there will inevitably be some debris, dust and rubble after it all. It ranges from huge blocks and chunks to fine dust that spreads all over the house. Cleaning up after such a process is quite tedious and can take a while and is probably not possible if you take it on yourself.

It is best to hire a professional cleaning service that will handle the entire task in an efficient manner. Most services that offer after builder cleaning, as this is popularly called do not include carpet and upholstery cleaning but they tend to offer discounts when you avail all of them in a package.

After builder cleaning needs special attention because the dust can be very fine and it is overlooked. A specialist after builder cleaner will begin with a thorough deep cleaning of the entire house. This includes all the walls followed by vacuuming and mopping the floors and specially hand washing some special flooring like wood or marble.

In addition, window frames, windows and the sills are cleaned, but usually only on the inside. In specific, the kitchen will undergo extensive cleaning to maintain proper hygiene. This includes descaling the sink, disinfecting and wiping of all the counters and cooking areas.

As far as the living and bedrooms go, the furniture is carefully moved out and the entire area is stripped down and cobwebs are removed. In addition, all the radiators and other appliances are cleaned in case they caught onto any dust.

After builder cleaning is quite a long process and even a professional service will require around 4-6 hours to complete. The team begins by surveying the area in general and the rooms that need specific attention.