Carpet Cleaners Barnes

steam-cleaningHaving your carpets professionally cleaned once every 6-12 months is a guaranteed way to preserve their lovely appearance and greatly prolong their life. Cleaner Chelsea understand the importance of a clean carpet and we offer one of the best carpet cleaning services in Barnes, SW13. Our employees are trained to use the most efficient carpet cleaning method – hot water extraction (also known as steam leaning). We provide our cleaning teams with modern products and equipment manufactured by the leader in the cleaning industry – Prochem.

Our cleaners will vacuum the carpets in order to suck out all debris and hair from the surface. Visible stains and high traffic areas will be treated with the appropriate cleaning detergents.

Afterwards the entire carpet will be steam cleaned using one of our powerful and modern steam cleaning machines. Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment we use, we can suck out about 90% of all the excess moisture and therefore leave your carpet almost dry. In a matter of hours it will be completely dry and ready for usage.

The unique steam cleaning method does much more than just giving your carpet a clean and tidy look. The hot steam kills all germs and bacteria that have been developing in your carpet. The steam will also remove any unpleasant odors and you won’t have to worry about respiratory problems and allergies caused by the dirty carpet.

carpet-cleaningThe final step is applying a special protection application called Scotchguard. This application protects fibers and greatly extends the time for the next professional cleaning

Except carpet steam cleaning, we offer a professional dry cleaning service which will take care of all your natural fiber carpets like sisal, jute, sea grass, etc. The method doesn’t include the usage of water. Our team just sprinkles dry solvent onto the carpet and afterwards brushes it with a machine. The solvent will attract and absorb all soil and grime. Afterwards the solvent is just vacuumed and there you have it – a clean & hygienic carpet.